Detect Shopify Theme or App a Website is Using for Free With Koala Inspector

Want to check which Shopify theme or apps a website is using? Use this free browser extension to quickly detect Shopify themes or applications.

Finding the perfect Shopify app or theme can be difficult, with 100s of apps and themes available which are the best?

Koala Inspector is a great way to narrow your search down. Find out what apps and themes successful stores on Shopify are using. This is a tool I use every day. It’s great that it’s a browser extension, which means it’s quick and easy to open and close as needed. Available for Chrome, Edge & Brave Browsers.

Whenever I come across a Shopify website that catches my eye, I often wonder which theme or app the site is using. Thanks to Koala Inspector, I can easily find out!

Koala Inspector is a powerful tool that not only helps me identify a website’s theme and apps, but also offers other great features such as tracking favorite products, monitoring shop traffic, and analyzing ad campaigns. We’ll delve into these features more later.

If you’re curious about a particular Shopify website and want to know what theme or app it’s using, Koala Inspector is an excellent tool.

Finding out what Shopify theme is being used is a very common question

find out what shopify theme a website is using - facebook
easily find out what shopify theme a business is using - facebook

Find a Shopify store

Find what stores are using Shopify Screenshot
Finding a store to analyze with the free Built With Tool

Before you start using Koala Inspector, you need to have a Shopify store in mind. If you already have one, you can skip this part.

A good way I find competitors or stores who use Shopify is by using a free tool called Built With

With this tool, you can find websites using Shopify as their platform. You can also filter by the highest traffic or sales within your industry.

Download Koala Inspector (it’s Free)

Download the Koala Inspector browser extension for free. Once it’s installed we’ll be able to look behind the curtain and check what Shopify template or applications any Shopify store is using.

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Shopify Theme Detector Chrome Extension Free Download – Koala Inspector

Detect Shopify Theme or Apps a store is using

Once you’ve installed Koala Inspector, investigating a website is a breeze. Simply type in the website you want to investigate and wait for it to load. Then, click on the Koala Inspector icon at the top of your browser.

Koala Inspector will immediately start detecting the Shopify theme being used and create a list of the Shopify applications installed on the website. It’s truly amazing how easy it is to get this valuable information with just a few clicks!

Shopify Theme Detector & Shopify App Detector Screenshot - Koala Inspector

Koala Inspector – Detecting the Shopify Theme & Apps

What else can Koala Inspector do?

Although you can use Koala Inspector to simply check a store’s theme or apps, it offers many other powerful features that can help you stay ahead of your competitors. These include:

  • Tracking a store’s products, including best sellers, new products, and highest or lowest-priced items.
  • Tracking live sales, allowing you to view a real-time feed of the most recent sales.
  • Checking the competitiveness of a specific product. Koala Inspector uses a machine-learning algorithm to assess the item’s competitiveness across popular marketplaces.
  • Saving products to your favorites tab for easy tracking of specific stores.
  • Viewing a Shopify store’s traffic, including monthly visits, traffic sources, and popular search keywords.
  • Viewing a store’s current ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Receiving notifications of every change a competitor makes to their shop.

These features can help you make data-driven decisions to improve your own ecommerce store and stay ahead of the competition.

Koala Inspector: Free vs Paid

While the free plan is quite generous, it does have its limitations. If you’re only checking a small number of stores and don’t require too much information on each store, the free plan is a good place to start. However, if you need to check more stores or require more detailed information, you may want to consider upgrading to either the Professional plan or the Unlimited plan.

Product Statistics
Shop Structure
View newest products
View best sellers
Export CSV Credits510Unlimited
Find Retailers Credits510Unlimited
Site Traffic Credits320Unlimited
Ad campaigns520Unlimited
Shop Trackingx350
Pricing TableKoala Inspector – Shopify Theme Identifier & Spy Tool

I’m honestly amazed by the amount of value provided by Koala Inspector’s plans. It has become a tool that I rely on every day as it helps me stay ahead of my competitors and track changes. Thanks to Koala Inspector, I’ve been able to discover new apps that I didn’t know existed and find products that I should add to my store. As a result, we’ve made a lot more money.

It’s no surprise that a lot of people are using Koala Inspector to up their ecommerce game. With numerous positive reviews, this tool has become a game-changer for many online businesses.

shopify theme identifier - koala inspector - review
shopify themes detector - koala inspector - review
how to tell if a site is shopify - Koala Inspector review

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Koala Inspector legal to use?

Definitely, all the information Koala Inspector scrapes is publicly available. It just does it in a fast and easy-to-read way.

Is Koala Inspector good for dropshipping?

Absolutely, that’s one of the reasons it was built. You’re able to see how competitive a product is before dropshipping it. Making sure it’s worth your time.

Is Koala Inspector also a Shopify App inspector?

Yes, it is. Not only can you detect what Shopify template a website is using, you can also detect Shopify apps.

How do you know what theme a store is using?

You can find out using a tool like Koala Inspector, which analyzes the website code to check which Shopify theme is being used.

How to tell if a site is Shopify?

You can use a chrome browser extension like Koala Inspector or a website like Built With to tell if a site is Shopify or not.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to check which Shopify Theme or App a store is using, Koala Inspector is a fantastic free tool that you should try. In addition to this feature, there are many other useful functionalities such as store tracking and ad campaign tracking that I rely on daily. I’ve been a loyal user of Koala Inspector for over three years now and I can say with confidence that their free and paid plans provide excellent value.

If you’re serious about learning more about a store and want to keep track of its activities, upgrading to the Pro edition is definitely worth considering. The app is incredibly easy to use as it’s just a browser extension, allowing you to open and close it with ease whenever you need it.

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